Trusted Election Information

Stopping Misinformation

Here are the facts about our elections in Weld County.  We take the security of our election seriously.  Learn here how we do that.

What can you do?

Ballot Image Audit ToolThe Weld County Clerk and Recorder’s Office has a new ballot image audit and review tool.  This tool allows the public to view, sort, filter, and download ballot images from the 2021 Coordinated Election, permitting an extra level of election transparency from the comfort and safety of their home.   

Weld County Election Core Services. The core services document(PDF, 273KB)  gives a detailed explanation on how a ballot is processed once we receive it in our secured location.

Election Security. We take the security of our elections extremely seriously. Learn more below about the rigorous safeguards we use to ensure election integrity, from having bipartisan teams of judges perform every ballot processing task, to welcoming representatives from each campaign to observe our processes at any time, to pre-election testing and post-election audits. This handout(PDF, 178KB) highlights the security measures we take at various stages of the process.

Life of a Ballot. Have you ever wondered what happens to your ballot once you place it in a dropbox or the mail?  The Life of a Ballot(PDF, 279KB) document explains the process of a ballot from when it placed in the mail to when we report unofficial election results on election night.

Signature Verification. Find out how the signature verification(PDF, 202KB) process in Weld County works.

Think before you link.  Think before you link so you don't spread mis/disinformation.

Stick to the facts. Encourage yourself and the people you care about to rely only on

Separate rumor from reality.  The Cybersecurity & Infrastructure Security Agency (CISA) debunks potential areas of mis/disinformation.

Stopping Election Disinformation.  FAQs: Stopping Election Disinformation(PDF, 152KB)

Track your ballot. Track the status of your mail ballot, from mailed to accepted.  BallotTrax is a ballot tracking and messaging system that provides voters with notifications by phone, email, or text about the status of your mail ballot. Use BallotTrax to check t he status of your ballot and to select your notification preferences.