Duplicate Titles

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Request a duplicate title

A duplicate title is required when the original has been lost, stolen or destroyed. The cost for a duplicate title is $8.20. The title may only be given out if the person making application is an owner of the vehicle, power of attorney for the person who owns the vehicle, a representative of the lien holder or has been appointed by a Court document. The individual obtaining title must present proper identification to the motor vehicle employee. Acceptable forms of proper identification are as follows:

  • A state issued Driver's License or ID card.
  • A military ID card.
  • A passport.
  • An authorization to work in the United States card. (green card)
  • Out-of-state drivers license.

Title with a Lien

If a title has a lien showing on it, the duplicate title must be mailed to the lien holder. The only exceptions to the rule are if the applicant has a valid release of lien from the lien holder or the lien says, "not filed in Colorado" on the title.

If you are planning to come into a Motor Vehicle Office located in Weld County, you may download form DR2539A(PDF, 194KB), an application for duplicate title, and bring or mail this into the office with the correct fees and a copy of a proper form of identification.