Environmental Land Use Planning

The Environmental Health Services Division has two major roles in Environmental Planning:

  • Reviewing proposed commercial and residential developments submitted to Weld County Planning Services
  • Providing expertise and testifying at Weld County Planning Commission and Board of Weld County Commissioners land use hearings regarding public health issues of a proposed development


If you are applying for a land use permit through the Planning Department, and there are existing structures on the site, Environmental Health will need a copy of your septic permit and a copy of the well permit or evidence the site is served by a public water system. If the property is vacant, Environmental Health will need a well permit or a commitment to serve letter from a water district. 

For information on how to get a copy of your septic permit, please go to the OWTS webpage

For information on how to get a copy of your well permit, please contact the Colorado Division of Water Resources.

Submit a Complaint

If you have a complaint regarding an environmental health issue, please call (970) 400-6415 and your complaint will be entered and given to an Environmental Health Specialist to investigate.

Get a Copy of a Referral

Reports prepared by the department's Environmental Planner are public record. Referrals are available on the Weld County Planning Department website. You also can email llight@weldgov.com to request a copy of a referral.

Frequently Asked Questions