Assessment & Learning Center

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About the Learning Center

Employment Services of Weld County has operated the Assessment and  Learning Center since 1991. The Learning Center provides exceptional vocational training and educational assistance to the Weld County Workforce. We are a fee-based computerized environment with a variety of assessment and training programs designed to help employers and employees find suitable matches for each other. Our services are offered at both the Greeley and Fort Lupton offices along with accessing the majority of those services from home with a high-speed internet connection.

GED Preparation

Picture of graduates The Center also prepares individuals to successfully complete the GED. This is an alternative learning environment for individuals who may not have been successful in a traditional school environment. We offer CSAP approved curriculum from elementary through high school levels along with college preparatory classes and work with students of all ages. We have two cap and gown graduations each year with all the pomp and circumstance for those students who graduate. 

Assessments and Tests

Assessments offered include aptitude, work attitude, and interest testing to begin exploration into careers that would suit the individual.  In addition, the lab offers a large variety of skill assessments to determine viability of a candidate for a specific job. Training to improve job search and job retention skills can be accomplished through a variety of programs including Career Ready 101, Microsoft Office tutorials, typing, and ten-key training.

The State of Colorado considers soft skills critical for long-term, successful employment. There has been a shift from promoting only hard skills training to now including soft skill acquisition. Northern Colorado employers now refer to soft skills as “Essential Skills” to ensure that there is no misunderstanding about their importance. They also admit that the lack of soft skills is the top reason for job replacement and employee termination. Weld County Employment Services offers the Workplace Readiness Assessment that measures a job candidate’s understanding of these essential skills, which are needed for any position, in any field. Categories tested include Attitude, Communication, Planning & Organizing, Interpersonal & Social Skills, Critical Thinking, Teamwork, Professionalism, and Media Knowledge. Testing, remediation, and credential are available for current job seekers in Weld County.