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Have you considered being a child care provider?

Become a child care provider and REACH a higher level of financial stability. 
Learn more about the Weld County Department of Human Services REACH Program by clicking here(PDF, 1MB) .
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Weld County has been described as a “child care desert” due to an urgent need for child care providers. This means many parents are not able to work or attend school because they must stay home to provide care for their children, which negatively impacts the family’s ability to further its economic position. To help alleviate this predicament, Weld County Department of Human Services (DHS) is actively recruiting caregivers for its REACH program.

If you care about children and want to see them grow, thrive and become the best they can be, then REACH is a good fit for you! Those with a heart for community service and helping others may also fit well into the REACH program, as the care you provide helps strengthen and empower families. REACH is an excellent fit for those that are already providing child care for relatives, friends or neighbors, as you could earn money (or more money) by providing legally-recognized child care for another family or more children. Also, you have the opportunity to work from home, earning income to support your family by providing child care for others, while also caring for your own children. REACH is truly a win-win!

Mandated Reporter Training Information

Child care providers are required to complete the online Mandated Reporter Training through the Colorado Department of Human Services. Once you have completed the training, you will receive a digital certificate; please keep a copy for your personal records. Important: if you work for a center, give a copy to your employer.

The link below directs to the Colorado Child Welfare Training System.
Child care providers will need to use the 'Mandated Reporter Training for Colorado Professionals' option.

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