Unemployment Insurance

Please Note Employment Services of Weld County (ESWC) is not the Unemployment Insurance Benefit (UIB) Office. Colorado Department of Labor and Employment (CDLE) is the administer of the UIB program.

Unemployment Road Sign

What is Unemployment Insurance Benefits?

Unemployment Insurance Benefits provides temporary and partial wage replacement to workers who have become unemployed through no fault of their own. The program is funded by employer paid taxes and provides benefits to those who meet the eligibility requirements of the Colorado Employment Security Act. For more information, visit the Colorado Department of Labor and Employment website.

To file an initial claim or manage an initial claim visit CDLE's website.

Regular Approved Training

What is Approved Training?

Unemployment Insurance claimants are expected to actively look for work and make job contacts every week. However, in some cases if a claimant is attending training or school, the expectation to look for work and make job contacts may be waived, as determined by the local workforce center.

Will I still receive Benefits while participating in a training program?

Any week you are participating in a training program with the approval of the Employment Services of Weld County that meets the requirements listed below, you will not be denied benefits for the reason of not actively searching for work, failed to apply for or refused to accept suitable work.

When will my required job contacts be waived?

Claimant must produce evidence of continued attendance and satisfactory progress in an approved training course when requested by the Employment Services of Weld County.

The following criteria must be met:

  • The claimant must show that their skills are such that reasonable employment opportunities do not exist or have substantially diminished in the labor-market area. The individual must show that they have little or no prospect of obtaining suitable employment.

  • The claimant must demonstrate that they possess the qualifications and aptitudes to successfully complete the training program or education courses.

  • The claimant must show that there is a reasonable expectation that they will complete the training course.

  • The training or schooling must relate to an occupation or skill for which there are, or are expected to be, reasonable employment opportunities.

  • The training or education course must be reasonably designed to result in the claimant's prompt reemployment in suitable work.

  • For more information contact Employment Services of Weld County at (970) 400-6791.

What am I expected to do once I file for Unemployment Insurance?

  • You must register with your local Workforce Center in person or online at Connecting Colorado. Work registration with the Workforce Center is required to receive unemployment benefits.
  • If you have filed a previous UIB claim, be aware the old payment information is still stored in the system and payments will go to the old bank account or previously issued UIB debit card.
  • You must keep a detailed record of your work search efforts and be prepared to provide the Unemployment office with this record at any time.
  • CDLE recommends you make and record 5 job search activities per week. If you are audited by CDLE you will need to verify one per week at the very least to ensure you are following regulations.
  • Request your payments to receive funds.

What Unemployment Issues can the Workforce Center help me with?

Employment Services of Weld County are only able to answer general questions. Please call (970) 400-6791 for more information.

Please note that users can access further information regarding their claim at MyUI+ Claimant website. To speak with a CDLE Representative about your claim, call 1-800-388-5515 or 303-536-5615.