Foster Care

Foster Care in Weld County

Weld County is seeking dedicated families willing to offer children and youth in difficult circumstances a safe, stable and supportive home. Opening your heart and home to a child, teen or sibling group in foster care makes a positive, life-long impact.

Meet Krissondra and Lucas:

With two kids already, Lucas and Krissondra hadn’t planned on growing their family when they took in Lucas’ niece Kaitlin and her half-brother Tanner in 2015. But, just one year later, the half siblings’ adoption was finalized and the family moved into a larger home in Greeley. Just this year, they finalized the adoption of Kaitlin and Tanner’s younger half-brother, 9-year-old Colton. Lucas and Krissondra have watched the children grow and excel in their home, but they have also overcome many challenges together as a family. The hard parts, Krissondra and Lucas say, are what make them a stronger family. 

Meet the Nix Family:

Nix photo with Play symbol

Amanda and Scott Nix currently have six boys ages 12 to 17 living in their home in Milliken. They welcome youth in foster care into their family and parent them alongside their two biological sons, who still live at home. “We don’t think of ourselves as a foster family, we are just a family,” said Amanda. The family enjoys fishing, camping, bowling and attending church together. They enjoy giving back to the local community and making birthday celebrations special for all of the youth in their home.