Central Purchasing Office

Calculator Graph pen and glassesAs required by the Weld County Charter, Weld County has a central purchasing office. Policies established by the Board of County Commissioners guide the office in bidding practices which are designed to ensure efficient, open, and competitive bidding on all purchases. Bid and RFP specifications are prepared in such a manner as to invite and encourage bidding from all suppliers of the goods, equipment and services purchased by the county. Please go to the Weld County Purchasing Code(PDF, 2MB) for more information.

BidNet Direct distributes most of our bidding opportunities.  The County does not assume any responsibility for errors or misinterpretations resulting from the use of incomplete sets of bid documents nor will the County be responsible for misinformation received from private plan holders.

More on BidNet Direct:

Bid Net Direct formally called Rocky Mountain E-Purchasing System (BidNet®) is an on-line notification system that is being utilized by multiple governmental entities.  Participating entities post their bids, quotes, proposals, addendum, and awards on this one centralized system.  Vendors are encouraged to register and become familiar with BidNet Direct.

Vendor registration is FREE. Vendors may, however, elect to receive automatic e-mail notifications of all open solicitations, matching their vendor profile, for an annual fee of $89.95. If a vendor does not select the upgraded option, it is the responsibility of the vendor to monitor the website regularly in order to be aware of business opportunities and review changes or addendum to bids, quotes, and proposals. Vendors who upgrade to receive email notifications will receive notice of opportunities matching their business goods and services automatically from all participating agencies. Please register on Bid Net Direct today and view the terms and conditions. For help registering or questions about Bid Net Direct, please contact them at (800) 835-4603 to speak with the Vendor Support Team.

For additional bid information please contact Weld County Purchasing at (970) 400-4222 or 4223.


The County is no longer maintaining a vendor list. Vendors should register with Bid Net Direct at www.bidnetdirect.com.