County agencies gather for emergency training

Published on September 28, 2021


More than 100 people representing at least 15 agencies throughout Weld County have gathered to participate in a countywide emergency training and exercise course. The course, presented by The Blue Cell, which has assisted in past Weld County emergency training exercises, covers topics including Whole Community Planning, Shelter in Place vs. Evacuation, Local Emergency Planning, Public Information and several other topics first responders, municipalities and emergency operations center staff must think through prior to responding to an emergency event.

“This type of training is invaluable,” said Weld County Commissioner Chair Steve Moreno. “We know disasters happen — natural and man-made — and it is imperative that emergency response is swift and effective. This training helps us prepare for those responses countywide.”

The Blue Cell, which provides training and exercise assistance for governmental and non-governmental agencies around the country, brings educational materials and scenarios for agencies to work through as each develops and refines their emergency response plans.

The training also provides an opportunity for people around the county to get to know each other as well as share information and ideas, all of which is valuable when it comes to building effective emergency response plans.

Three days of classroom training and table-top scenarios will culminate in a full-scale exercise at four Weld County locations on Thursday; this is the opportunity for agencies to participate in and run through their response plans. The locations include the Weld County Emergency Operations Center, the Carbon Valley Emergency Operations Center, Highway 52 west of I-25 and WCR 41 and WCR 50 ½ near LaSalle. Commuters may see an increased presence of emergency vehicles at these locations; however, these sites should not impact traffic. The Thursday exercise will run from 8:00 a.m. to 1:00 p.m.

For more information about the Weld County Office of Emergency Management, including emergency preparedness plans residents can put together for themselves, please visit

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