Are We A Good Fit For You?

Girl standing with colleagues

We work as a team

The benefits of working for Weld County Government extend far beyond simply earning a paycheck. You’ll find a career that utilizes your strengths and provides opportunities to learn new skills while operating in a workplace culture that values you beyond your contributions as an employee.

It starts with something we call Team Weld. While your contributions play an impactful role in serving more than 320,000 residents, as a member of Team Weld, you’ll find opportunities to grow both personally and professionally through our many employment-engagement opportunities.

You're more than just an employee

At Weld County Government, we’re not only interested in who you are at work but who you are outside of work as well. Our employee intranet section routinely highlights new employees and those that go above and beyond for our residents, and our Safety and Wellness Program provides resources to help you on your health journey by promoting physical activity, healthy eating, mental wellness resources and more, including the chance to take part in the annual Commissioners Cup 5K.

We encourage support and growth

If professional development is what you crave, we offer free employee trainings focused on everything from improving your skills within certain computer programs, learning how to better manage emotions in the workplace or even learning a new language.

These are just some of the benefits of joining Team Weld, but there are many others. We understand you may have questions, so please take some time to explore the FAQ section below, for some quick answers to some of the most common ones.


How often are we paid? If hired, how long until I receive my first paycheck?

Pay periods run from the 16th to the 15th of each month, and employees are paid on the final working day of the month for the pay period. Depending on when an employee starts, it could be up to six weeks before they receive their first paycheck.

When am I able to receive benefits?

Full-time and part-time employees (30 hours a week) are eligible for benefits on the first day of the month after the start of a new pay period.


Start date: February 16
Pay period: February 16 - March 15
First day eligible for benefits: April 1

When do I start accruing sick time?

Sick time starts accruing the first day of employment. Depending on employment status, (full time, part time or seasonal) employees can earn up to eight hours of sick time per pay period and are allowed five sick occurrences during a rolling 12-month period. A sick occurrence counts as a single day or consecutive days.

When do I start earning vacation? When’s the earliest I can begin using it?

Employees accrue vacation following the first pay period worked (16th – 15th). Upon successful completion of the first six full pay periods, employees eligible for vacation accrual will be awarded earned vacation hours. Employees may schedule vacation leave after the successful completion of the first six full pay periods. Initially, employees earn eight hours of vacation leave per pay period. Vacation accrual rates increase periodically based on years of continuous service to Weld County.

Does Weld County offer a retirement plan?

Yes. All full-time employees of Weld County (excluding Public Health employees) must participate in the Weld County retirement plan. Employees must contribute 9% of their base salary into the plan each month. Weld County matches this contribution at 12.5%. In addition to the retirement, employees can voluntarily enroll in 401K or 457 retirement savings plans administered by Principal Financial.

Employees of Public Health and Environment 

All employees hired in the department, regardless of hours worked, must participate in the Colorado PERA retirement plan. Employees must contribute 8.5% of their base salary each month and the county matches at 14.22%. Health department employees may also participate in a voluntary 401K plan.