tool belt The Weld County Department of Facilities is responsible for the repair, maintenance, landscaping of the grounds, nighttime security, and snow removal for 104 County facilities/locations.

Major buildings under the care of the department include the Weld County Administration Building, Centennial Center Complex, Alternative Programs, Jail, Historic Courthouse, Public Health & Planning, Motor Pool, Law Administration, Public Works Complex, Human Services Campus, Clerk & Recorder, Treasurer/Assessor, Court House Annexes, Community Corrections, Household Hazardous Waste Buildings, Exhibition and 4-H Buildings at Island Grove Park, Weld Plaza Tower, Southeast Service Center, and the Southwest Service Center.

In addition, all the grader stations are maintained by the department. These are located in Ault, Briggsdale, Dacono, Grover, New Raymer, Nunn, Stoneham, Vim, Johnstown, La Salle, Kiowa, Ft. Lupton, Gill, Galeton, Keenesburg, Keota, Kersey, Rockport, Peckham and Severance.

The Facilities department is divided into six divisions: Custodial, Skilled Trades, General Trades, Missile Site Park, Security and Special Projects


wet floor warning Custodial division is the janitorial component for the County buildings and performs two vital functions: Contracting oversight and Supply Logistics.

Contracting oversight provides supervision of contractors awarded bids to perform cleaning services within the County buildings.

The Supply Logistics function manages the acquisition and distribution of the consumable supplies and products required to maintain the custodial operations within all County buildings to include the Weld County Jail and the Weld County Alternative Program facilities.

Skilled Trades

The Skilled Trades division is composed of four sections: Electrical, Heating, Ventilation, and Air Conditioning (HVAC), Electronics and Plumbing.

Electrical Section inspects, installs, tests, maintains, and repairs: electrical circuits, circuit breakers, electrical distribution equipment , emergency and stand-by generators, exit and emergency lights, lighting systems, interior and exterior light poles, motors, motor controllers and motor starters, receptacles and switches, primary, secondary electrical systems and snow removal.

HVAC Section inspects, installs, tests, maintains and repairs: refrigeration systems, walk-in refrigeration systems, ice machines, computer room heating and cooling systems, split system air conditioning units, hot and chilled water hydronic systems, evaporative cooling systems, furnaces, direct digital control (DDC) systems, pneumatic control systems, respond to building control system alarms, fire extinguisher maintenance, snow removal, generator servicing, and preventive maintenance services.

Electronics Section inspects, installs, tests, maintains and repairs: video monitoring and recording equipment, audio equipment, electronic Jail locks, combinations locks, proxy locks, access control program, Jail monitoring equipment, fire alarm systems, burglar alarm systems, CNG/LNG monitoring equipment, microphones, projectors, and CCTV.

PlumbingPipes Section inspects, installs, tests, maintains and repairs: domestic back flow prevention devices, storm drainage systems, sanitary sewer systems, plumbing systems including: restrooms, custodial closets, drinking fountains, kitchens and snow removal. Perform related code compliance inspections and are the first responders for all water leaks and backups.

General Trades

The General Trades division is composed of two sections: Grounds and Carpentry

Grounds Section performs general care and maintenance for the County grounds, including: landscape maintenance, turf, trees, shrub beds, hardscape, sidewalks and plazas, furniture movements, snow removal, sprinkler maintenance, County license plate deliveries and maintains the County fuel site. In addition, they maintain the flags and flag pole monuments.

Carpentry Section repairs broken and damaged locks, doors and hardware, smoke detectors, fire systems, painting services, installs signage, performs light carpentry, inspects roofing, gutters and downspouts, small roof leak response and repair.

Missile Site Park

Missile Site Park division is a service provided by Weld County which provides historic appreciation and includes recreational activities for various groups. There is a dry land campground and guided tours of the former nuclear equipped Atlas E missile site can be scheduled.


Security division functions after business hours, nights, weekends, and holidays and performs building engineering duties as well as security operations. This division monitors critical boiler systems, diesel generators, pneumatic controls, refrigeration equipment, security system and fire alarm monitoring for County building.

Special Projects

The Special Projects division performs management for new construction, remodels, and facility modifications, as required.

Department Head

Toby Taylor