Finance and Administration

The administrative arm of Weld County Government is the Finance and Administration Department, incorporating the offices of Finance and Administration, Human Resources, Purchasing, Accounting, Budget, Information Services, Geographical Information System, Phone Services, Printing and Supply, Insurance, and Capital.

Administratively the department is charged, per the Weld County Home Rule Charter, to cause the policies adopted or approved by the Board of County Commissioners to be implemented in those divisions as required by the Board of County Commissioners and to insure that the activities of those departments are consistent with the policies determined and set by the Board of County Commissioners.

The Finance Office prepares monthly financial statements, annual budgets and appropriation reports for all County departments and special districts, advising the Board of County Commissioners of the financial condition and future needs of the County.  The proposed budget, prepared by the Director of Finance and Administration and the Board of Commissioners, includes recommended operating expenses, capital expenditures, and revenue sources for all departments and units of the County government.  With the assistance of elected officials and department heads, the Director of Finance and Administration gathers necessary information for the preparation of the annual County Final Budget.

The division of Finance and Administration also administers Weld County's self insured program. Since 1980, Weld County has been in a protected, self-insurance program for all potential liability, casualty, and workers' compensation losses. The program includes management and a safety program to minimize the losses to Weld County.

Weld County participates in the casualty and property pool, offered by Colorado Counties, Inc., to minimize costs of insurance and maximize coverage. The County is self-insured for workers' compensation claims. Insurance claims can be filed by contacting Human Resources at (970) 400-4000, Ext. 4234.

Copies of County Budgets not posted on the website may be obtained by contacting the Clerk to the Board’s Office at the above address or phone number.