Human Resources

HR Director, Jill Scott

Hello and welcome - we are excited you are interested in being a part of Weld County Government. This page serves as a comprehensive resource for those wanting to join our team. Whether you're wanting information regarding benefits, the trainings we offer, or even just contact information, this page is your single-source connection to all things Weld County HR. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to get in touch with a Human Resources team representative at (970) 400-4234.

    - Jill Scott, Director of Human Resources

Human Resources assists Weld County departments in the employee hiring process. The department also oversees policies and rules affecting employment, assists employees with questions, and establishes job classifications and compensation plans. If you're interested in working with Weld County and have ADA accommodation needs, find accessibility information related to the website here.

Employment Verification

Employees who need verification of employment for Public Student Loan Forgiveness (PSLF) applications or home loan applications, can call (970) 400-4234 or fax (970) 400-4024. 

Businesses needing verification of employment may call (970) 400-4234 or fax (970) 400-4024.

Often, Human Resources is confused with Human Services, which provides resources and information to residents who are seeking assistance or support. Human Services can help with housing, food, child support, senior services, medical assistance, and more.