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Food Safety for Regulated Facilities - Means a retail operation that stores, prepares, or packages food for human consumption or serves or otherwise provides food for human consumption to consumers directly or indirectly through a delivery service, whether such food is consumed on or off the premised or whether there is a charge for such food.

Prescription Cards - The NACo Prescription Discount Card Program helps residents save money on their prescription medications any time their prescriptions are not covered by insurance. The free cards are distributed in the sponsoring county and may be used at any participating retail pharmacy. County residents can also print a card from the Internet. The discount card is not insurance.

Property Sales Data - The Improved Land Sales Search will display sales data for parcels that have improvements (buildings).

Assessor Data Download - This data download is a collection of comma delimited text files containing all of the Weld County Assessor data. A new copy of this report will be posted on Wednesdays.