Election Judges


If you are interested in being an election judge, please read the following and complete the application (even if you have served before as a judge).


Colorado Revised Statutes Section 1-6-101(2) establishes certain requirements for election judges. Please review the following before submitting your name for consideration as an election judge in Weld County. To be an election judge, you must:

  • Be registered to vote and be willing to serve;
  • Be physically and mentally able to perform and complete the assigned tasks;
  • Attend a class of instruction concerning the tasks of an election judge prior to each election;
  • Have never been convicted of election fraud, any other election offense or fraud;
  • Be neither a candidate whose name appears on the ballot anywhere in Weld County nor a member of a candidate’s immediate family, related by blood, marriage, or civil union to the second degree, of a candidate whose name appears on the ballot anywhere in the county.
  • Be able to provide your own transportation to the school of instruction, polling place and counting center, as applicable.

Be advised that some of the following abilities and tasks may be required to:

a. Understand Dominion Democracy Suite ImageCast X voting equipment after receiving training

b. Read the LCD display screen on the Dominion Democracy Suite ImageCast X equipment.

Click here to obtain an election judge application: Election Judge Application(PDF, 187KB)