Financed Purchases Through a Colorado Dealership

  1. The dealer will forward your title paperwork for processing to the motor vehicle office in the county where you reside.
    •Note: There are some buy here/pay here dealerships who require you to pick up your title work from them. You will need to verify with the dealership about their procedures.
  2. The dealer will also provide you with temporary tags to drive the vehicle while the paperwork is being processed.
    •Note: The dealership may also provide you with an emission voucher if the vehicle is over 7 years old, or they will provide you with a passing emission test. Please verify with the dealer as to their procedure.
  3. After the title paperwork has been processed by the Weld Motor Vehicle Division you should receive a Title Complete Notice via U.S. Postal mail service indicating that you can purchase license plates and register your vehicle. 
    •Note: If you do not receive a Title Complete Notice within 10 days prior to the expiration of your temporary tags, please call or visit any of our branch offices to check the status of your title paperwork or verify with the dealership that the paperwork has been delivered to our office.
  4. Bring the following documentation to one of our Weld County motor vehicle branch locations:
    •Owner identification (secure and verifiable); or
    •Anyone other than a named owner must present a completed and notarized Form DR2175 Power of Attorney and their own identification (secure and verifiable).
    •Proof of Colorado automobile insurance coverage. with the following information: year, make, model, vehicle identification number (VIN), effective date and expiration date of the policy.
    •Proof of emissions if required.
    •If you have plates to transfer, bring in the plates & current registration.