Missile Site Park

The Missile Site Park is great opportunity to step back into the Cold War Era of national defense. The former nuclear warhead equipped Atlas E site was constructed in 1961. The host military base for the Atlas E program’s command and control was located at Francis E. Warren Air Force Base in Cheyenne, Wyoming. There were a total of four Atlas E sites in Weld County. This particular missile site was deactivated in 1965 and was turned over to Weld County for use as a park. The Missile Site Park is located between Greeley, Windsor, and Loveland on 10611 Spur 257, Greeley, CO.

Day-Use Only

Missile site park Come out and enjoy the peacefulness and views! The Missile Site Park was built on the bluffs which overlook the Poudre River Valley to include the Town of Windsor with fantastic views and spectacular sunsets behind the Rocky Mountains to the West.

Missile Site Park is a Day-Use park with portable toilet facilities. Tours inside the buried facility are no longer provided.

Overnight Camping is not permitted at the park.

RV Dump

The Missile Site Park RV dump is available for use during the times the park is open.  The cost is $5 per vehicle.