Weld County 2023 Budget

2020 Final Budget Cover Page

The 2023 Final Budget for Weld County totaling $441,083,883 was prepared in compliance with State statute, the Weld County Home Rule Charter, generally accepted budgeting principles, funding agency requirements, and the budget priorities and directions of the Board of Weld County Commissioners. The budget was structured, within available funds, to insure that:

  • Basic services are funded at adequate levels.
  • Revenue has been estimated at realistic levels.
  • Reserves that afford protection for the future are funded.
  • Productivity improvement programs are continued.
  • Employee compensation levels are based upon realistic employment market considerations and within the County’s ability to pay.
  • TABOR Amendment limits are adhered to in the budget.
  • Legislative and regulatory changes are accommodated.
  • GIS, e-government, and other technologies are employed in a cost-effective manner in the County.
  • Population growth and development are planned and accommodated.
  • Resources to address rising inflation and increased expenses are addressed. 
  • Increase funding to road and bridge infrastructure by $11.7 million to address county growth.
  • 2023-2027 Capital Improvement Plan has been funded at $94,875,000.
  • Weld County must continue the initiatives required to foster area economic development and to improve the quality of life.
  • Resources were all allocated by focusing on programs, priorities, goals, and performance measures consistent with the Strategic Plan.

A digital copy of the complete County 2023 Final Budget is available below, or a physical copy may be obtained by contacting the Clerk to the Board’s Office at the above address or phone number.


2023 Final Budget

2023 Final Budget Sections

Budget Message

Overview of Budget and Management System

Budget Calendar

Budget Strategy

Strategic Plan 2022-2026

Program Issues

Significant Changes in Policy from Prior Years

Summary of Major Revenues and Expenditures

Summary of Financial Sources and Uses

All Funds Revenue - Pie Chart

Major Revenue Historical Trends and Analysis

All Funds Expenditures - Pie Chart


Mill Levy - Pie Chart

Total Taxable Property

General Fund Summary

Public Works Fund Summary

Social Services Fund Summary

Public Health Fund Summary

Human Services Fund Summary

Special Revenue Fund Summary

Capital Expenditures Fund Summary

Five Year Capital Projects Program

Proprietary Funds Summary