Permit, License, and Certificate Information

Weld County offers many resources for citizens to apply for permits, licenses, or various types of certificates. Examples of resources that the County offers include:

  • Residential and Commercial Building Permits
  • Oil and Gas Permits
  • Burn Permits
  • Concealed Weapon Permits
  • Road Access Permits
  • Birth and Death Certificates
  • Marriage Licenses

The information collected is related to the type of request and is required for approval.  

Examples of Permit, License, and Certificate Information

  • Address of permit use location
  • Contact information
  • Personal Background information
  • Information required to positively identify an individual (which may include name, address, age, birthdate, phone number, and demographic information, etc.)

Using Permit, License, and Certificate Information

Information collected through online or paper forms is used for processing the permit, license, or certificate including but not limited to residential or commercial construction permits, access or use permits, birth or death certificates and others. The contact information you provide may also be used to contact you about your application.

Protections for Permit, License, and Certificate Information

Permit, License, and Certificate information is subject to disclosure by the Colorado Open Records Act, unless exempted by state or federal law.  This helps to ensure transparency and accountability in services provided by the County. The Privacy Notice guides the County’s collection and management of collected information.