Great American Smokeout an opportunity to start a smoke-free life

Published on November 19, 2020

Man talks on the phone with a Colorado Quitline Quit Specialist

Weld County — November 19 is the Great American Smokeout — an opportunity to take an important step in the journey toward a smoke-free life. For over 40 years, this event, sponsored by the American Cancer Society, has been a catalyst for individuals to lead healthier lives and decrease their risk of cancer, heart disease, and other smoking-related diseases.

With about 32.4 million American adults smoking cigarettes, smoking remains the single greatest preventable cause of death and illness in the world. While smoking In Weld County has decreased approximately 10% since 2007, nearly one in seven residents still use tobacco products, according to 2019 Community Health Assessment data. This data also shows an increase in smoking among women, which can have a negative impact on birth outcomes in those hoping to have children. Populations affected disproportionately from smoking-related cancer and diseases include people living at lower socioeconomic levels, LGBT and African American communities, individuals in the military, and people with behavioral health conditions.

Quitting smoking is hard! Nicotine addiction is one of the strongest and most deadly addictions one can have. Quitting begins with a commitment and a plan. Research shows people who use two or more of the following strategies are more successful in their quit attempt:

  • Telephone quit lines
  • Nicotine Anonymous meetings
  • Smoking counselors or coaches
  • Self-help books and materials
  • Encouragement and support from friends and family

Regardless of your age or how long you have smoked, health improvement is seen immediately after quitting smoking. It is said that every journey begins with just one step. Make November 19 the day you take your first step into a tobacco-free life. For more free counseling and nicotine replacement,  go to the Colorado QuitLine website or call 1-800-QUIT-NOW.