Establishing Paternity

How Do I Establish Paternity for Child Support


Establishing paternity is the process for determining a child’s legal father. Fatherhood must be legally recognized to obtain a child support order. 

A child’s legal father may be established by:

  • Voluntary Acknowledgment of Paternity. Unmarried parents can sign a form at the hospital or the Office of Vital records.
  • Court Order – Paternity may be established by a court order.
  • Marriage 


Lab testing If paternity is not already legally determined, genetic testing may be ordered.

Child Support Services only does paternity testing where we are establishing a new order and paternity is not yet established. In order for genetic testing to be performed, a party must have an open child support case. At this time, we are unable to provide paternity only services, and must establish both paternity and child support when an application for child support services is received. If you only need paternity test information, you can call the Paternity Hotline at (303) 830-3572. We are unable to address paternity if it has already been established by a court or another state.

For more information about paternity, please see the state child support website on paternity.