Community Corrections


The program offers sentencing and placement options for the Courts and Department of Corrections of adult felony offenders. Community Corrections is mandated by Colorado state statutes and the Colorado Division of Criminal Justice, Office of Community Corrections, establishes standards of operation.

Community Corrections provides:

Services for offenders convicted of less severe offenses who are diverted from prison;
Services for offenders in transition between prison and parole;
Services for parolees released by the Colorado State Board of Parole;
Short-term stabilization services for offenders on Probation and Parole; and
Specialized treatment services for offenders with a history of substance use and/or mental illnesses.

Weld County Community Corrections Board

The Weld County Board of Commissioners appoints members to the Weld County Community Corrections Board. This nine (9) member boards represents all facets of the criminal justice system and community. The Community Corrections Board members determine at a minimum:

  • Which offenders may safely be placed in the community;
  • Recommend to the Commissioners who may operate a community corrections program;
  • What conditions an offender must follow to participate in the program; and
  • Set standards by which the local provider(s) may operate a facility or program.

Accomplishing these Functions

The Community Corrections Board and staff receive and manage community corrections funds from the state. The Board selects and contracts with private vendors for services. Board staff monitors the operations of the vendors and audits them on a regular basis for conformity to established state standards. Board staff prepares and helps to present information on offenders referred for community corrections placement to the Community Corrections Board. All actions are recorded and communicated to the Courts, the Department of Corrections, Parole, and/or the Board of County Commissioners, as needed.

Intervention Community Corrections Services, (ICCS)

ICCS is the designated provider of residential community corrections services in Weld County. The residential facility is located at 1101 H Street, Greeley, CO 80631. Contracted services began July 1, 2008. ICCS is a Colorado based, private, non-profit community corrections agency that provides a variety of services to the criminal justice system. Local services include residential and non-residential offender supervision, job placement assistance and vocational counseling, educational assistance, alcohol and other drug counseling, family and domestic violence treatment or referral, anger management, mental health treatment or referral, financial management, basic life skills training, and learning about and using community resources. ICCS utilizes qualified community treatment agencies to assist offenders with their individual needs. Each offender is assigned a case manager who develops a customized individual service plan, designed them with maximum benefit of appropriate community resources. The program provides high levels of surveillance and treatment services, with specific attention to monitoring the movement and behavior of offenders while in the facility and/or in the community.