Oil and Gas Energy Frequently Asked Questions

What is an oil and gas liaison?

Jason Maxey is the Director of  Weld County Oil and Gas Energy Department and Local Government Designee (LGD). One of the primary responsibilities of this role is public outreach, which includes providing oil and gas information to residents and being a technical resource and liaison for various stakeholders. More information about the Colorado Oil and Gas Conservation Commission's (COGCC) LGD.

Who are the oil and gas operators in Weld County?

Weld County has multiple oil and gas operators. These companies range from very large entities who handle thousands of wells to smaller companies that may only operate a handful of wells.  To find out more about all the oil and gas operators in Weld County along with contact information for each operator, please call the Oil and Gas Energy Department at (970) 400-3580 or email us at oged@weldgov.com.

How do I know which producer is operating the rig near me?

Please contact the Oil and Gas Energy Department
1301 N. 17th Ave, Greeley, CO 80631
Phone: (970) 400-3580
Email: oged@weldgov.com

Why wasn't I notified about an oil and gas facility that is being developed close to my property?

The Weld County Oil and Gas Location Assessment (WOGLA) process dictates that notice of a proposed oil and gas location be sent out to all building unit owners (residences) within 1,000 feet of the location. If your house is outside the 1,000 foot notification zone, you will not receive a notice of the planned development. Please refer to the Weld Oil and Gas Location Assessment (WOGLA) or Location Assessment for Pipeline (LAP) pages on the left hand side for Weld County Oil & Gas Regulations to read more about the LAP and WOGLA process, including notification requirements.