Weld Oil and Gas Location Assessment (1041 WOGLA)

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A Weld Oil and Gas Location Assessment (1041 WOGLA) is required of operators prior to their construction of improvements related to oil and gas exploration and production and prior to the issuance of building permits. This process includes notice to nearby homeowners and municipalities.

Further, Weld County requires tank batteries and associated equipment and meter skids or meter houses to be permitted. Oil and gas producers are required to submit a specific Oil & Gas Permit application which details the number and type of equipment included in the tank battery or metering site and the name(s) of the oil & gas well(s) being supported by the equipment. These permit applications are reviewed for compliance to current zoning regulations, which include minimum setback and zone district requirements and whether the site is located within a flood plain area.  The fees associated with these permits are included in the Building Fee Schedule.

For more information about building permits, please see the oil and gas section of the Weld County building page.

Oil and Gas Operator Registration Form(PDF, 171KB)

1041 WOGLA - Pre-App Meeting Request(PDF, 312KB)

1041 WOGLA Application(PDF, 623KB)

1041 WOGLA - Application Revision Form(PDF, 236KB)

1041 WOGLA Authorization Form(PDF, 324KB)

1041 WOGLA - Application for Intervention(PDF, 189KB)

1041 WOGLA - Sundry Form(PDF, 365KB)

Public Works Stormwater Waiver(PDF, 85KB)

Drawing Requirements Guidance Doc(PDF, 244KB)

CDP Additional Surface Information(XLSX, 17KB)

1041 WOGLA Code