Land Use Applications and Guides


Affidavit of Interest Owners Surface Estate Form(PDF, 64KB)
Authorization Form(PDF, 783KB)


Board of Adjustment Procedural Guide (BOA)(PDF, 1MB)


Certificate of Compliance Auxiliary Quarters(PDF, 1MB)
Certificate of Conveyances Form(PDF, 11KB)
Certified List of Surrounding Property Owners Instructions(PDF, 513KB)
CD Application(PDF, 957KB)
Change of Zone Procedural Guide (COZ)(PDF, 1MB)


Extension Request Form(PDF, 809KB)
Exemption Plat Vacation(PDF, 745KB)


Family Farm Division Procedural Guide (FFD)(PDF, 1MB)
Flood Elevation Certificate(PDF, 3MB)
Floodplain Permit (FP) - for water heaters, furnaces, etc.(PDF, 783KB)
Floodplain Development Permit (FHDP)(PDF, 1MB)
Substantial Damage/Improvement Form for Floodplain Permits(PDF, 227KB)


Lot Line Adjustment Procedural Guide (LLA)(PDF, 1MB)


Mineral Notification(PDF, 103KB)
Minor Subdivision Sketch Plan Procedural Guide (MINK)(PDF, 1MB)
Minor Subdivision Final Plan Procedural Guide (MINF)(PDF, 1MB)


Non Conforming Structure(PDF, 494KB)
Non Conforming Use (NCU)(PDF, 542KB)
Non Conforming Use of Structure(PDF, 491KB)


Planned Unit Development Procedural Guide (PUD)(PDF, 2MB)
Public Facility Division Procedural Guide (PFD)(PDF, 1002KB)
Pre-Application Request Form(PDF, 693KB)


Resolution of Illegal Land Division Procedural Guide (RILD)(PDF, 1021KB)
Resubdivision Procedural Guide (RES)(PDF, 1MB)
Rural Land Division Sketch Plan Procedural Guide (RLDK)(PDF, 1MB)
Rural Land Division Final Plan Procedural Guide (RLDF)(PDF, 1MB)


Sign Code Packet(PDF, 895KB)
Site Plan Review (SPR)(PDF, 1MB)
Substantial Change Procedural Guide(PDF, 270KB)


Temporary Seasonal Use(PDF, 1MB)


1041 Major Facility USR Procedural Guide(PDF, 1MB)
1041 Major Facility Solar Energy Facility Procedural Guide(PDF, 1MB)
Use by Special Review Procedural Guide (USR)(PDF, 1MB)
Use by Special Review Minor Amendment Procedural Guide (MUSR)(PDF, 1MB)
Use by Special Review Mining Supplemental Documents(PDF, 143KB)
Use by Special Review Solar Supplemental Documents(PDF, 725KB)
Use by Special Review for Solid Waste Procedural Guide(PDF, 1MB)


Water Supply Information Summary(PDF, 84KB)


Zoning Permit for Certain Uses in Ag Zone (ZPAG)(PDF, 1MB)
Zoning Permit Accessory Storage Procedural Guide (ZPAS)(PDF, 2MB)
Zoning Permit Commercial Vehicle Procedural Guide (ZPCV)(PDF, 1MB)
Zoning Permit for a Home Occupation - Class I (ZPHO)(PDF, 1MB)
Zoning Permit for a Home Occupation - Class II Procedural Guide (ZPHB)(PDF, 1MB)
Zoning Permit for a Manufactured Home Procedural Guide (ZPMH)(PDF, 1MB)
Zoning Permit for a NonCommercial Tower (ZPNCT)(PDF, 1MB)
Zoning Permit for a Second Single-Family Dwelling (ZPSD)(PDF, 939KB)
Zoning Permit for Solar Energy Facility (ZPSF)(PDF, 995KB)
Zoning Permit for a Telecommunications Antenna Tower Procedural Guide (ZPTT)(PDF, 1MB)
Zoning Permit for a Wind Generator Procedural Guide (ZPWG)(PDF, 1MB)