Sign up for CodeRED ahead of all-call in May

Published on April 25, 2022

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As part of a collaborative effort with the Carbon Valley Emergency Management Agency and City of Greeley Office of Emergency Management, Weld County Government is encouraging all residents and business owners in Weld County to register their phone numbers and addresses in CodeRED, the system used in Weld County to send address-specific emergency alerts related to local public safety situations. Signing up is free, easy and can be done by visiting or by calling the Weld County Office of Emergency Management (OEM) at (970) 304-6540.

As is done every year, the Weld County OEM and the Weld County Regional Communications Center (WCRCC) are preparing to conduct an all-call on Thursday, May 5, which will send a test alert to everyone registered in the CodeRED system.

“We consistently encourage people to be prepared for emergencies, and one of the best ways to stay prepared is having situational awareness of what is going on around you,” said Roy Rudisill, Weld County OEM Director. “The free alerts CodeRED sends people helps them to be better informed of situations and take the actions they need to keep themselves, their loved ones and their property safe. It’s an extremely useful tool in emergency preparedness.”

People who register for CodeRED will be notified by a phone call, text and/or email — depending on the option the resident chooses for notification — when an emergency is occurring near their physical address of their home or business, whichever they register in CodeRED system. Emergency alerts, sent by the Weld County Regional Communications Center, can contain information including, but not limited to, evacuation notices, shelter-in-place and lockdown orders and weather warnings that are sent by the National Weather Service, although users must opt-in to receive those weather service warning alerts when registering.

“When emergencies occur, having timely information can prove beneficial in not only helping people stay safe, but also giving them some control in a stressful situation,” Weld County Commissioner Chair Scott James said. “CodeRED is a free tool that our residents can use to stay informed and have a better idea of what they need to do in emergencies. Please sign up today.”

In addition to CodeRED information, more emergency preparedness tips can be found at

CodeRED Tips

When signing up for CodeRED, remember:

  • It’s possible to register multiple addresses and phone numbers. Don’t forget to include work and business addresses and the phone numbers of family members, as alerts sent by CodeRED are address specific.

  • To receive short message service (SMS) text alerts, cellular devices and service must have text messaging enabled.

  • CodeRED messages from Weld County come from three numbers depending on the type of alert:

Emergency alert notifications: 866-419-5000  

Community alerts for general notifications:

Weather alerts warnings:

  • In 2021, the WCRCC sent 54 unique CodeRED alerts at the request of law or fire agencies within the county.