County Roots


Welcome to County Roots, the official newsletter of Weld County Government!

For those of us who work in county government, we think what we do is pretty interesting. So the goal of this newsletter is to highlight some of the partnerships, technology and efficiencies we are using to make government stronger and more effective for you - our residents. Each month we will bring you interesting information about how and where your tax dollars are working.

If you have a topic idea or general feedback about this new venture, please let us know at


Our goal is to establish regular communication with our residents, spur interest in county projects, highlight county accomplishments and provide meaningful information to the public. In fact, our goal is to live up to the name “County Roots.” You see, the word root is defined as:

-the underground part of a seed plant body (goes along with our agricultural heritage)

-something that is an origin or source (we want to be the source of county information for you)

-to applaud or encourage (our employees are doing great things for residents through the departments they work in, and those things deserve to be shared with you!)

-to establish deeply and firmly (Weld County government has a long history of being fiscally responsible and working hard to provide residents with the best service)

Let's face it, for most of you the only interaction you have with county government is when you renew your plates or pay your property taxes. But county government is much more. And, it's actually pretty interesting!

So thank you for visiting this page, please sign up for the newsletter (which will be delivered right in your email inbox twice per month) and learn how county government is working for you!

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