Election Results

Below you will find past Election results for Weld County, dating back to August 2000. If you have questions arising from these results please contact the Weld County Elections Office at 970-304-6525.

Archived Election Results

2022 General Election Results(PDF, 255KB)

2022 Primary Election Recount Results(PDF, 149KB)

2022 Primary Election Results(PDF, 201KB)

2021 Coordinated Election Results(PDF, 222KB)

2020 General Election Results(PDF, 215KB)

2020 Primary Election Results(PDF, 185KB)

2020 Presidential Primary Election Results(PDF, 8KB)

2019 Coordinated Election Recount Results(PDF, 6KB)

2019 Coordinated Election Results(PDF, 212KB)

2018 General Election Results(PDF, 267KB)

2018 Primary Election Results(PDF, 425KB)

2017 Coordinated Election Recount Results(PDF, 135KB)

2017 Coordinated Election Results(PDF, 197KB)

2016 General Election Results(PDF, 39KB)

2016 Primary Election Results(PDF, 19KB)

2015 Coordinated Election Results(PDF, 32KB)

2014 General Election Results(PDF, 2MB)

2014 Primary Election Results(PDF, 20KB)

2013 Coordinated Election Results(PDF, 162KB)

2012 General Election Results(PDF, 38KB)

2012 Primary Election Results(PDF, 52KB)

2011 Coordinated Election Results(PDF, 27KB)

2010 Pawnee RE 12 Recall Election Results(PDF, 35KB)

2010 General Election Results(PDF, 263KB)

2010 Primary Election Results(PDF, 135KB)

2009 Coordinated Election Results(PDF, 297KB)

2008 General Election Results(PDF, 45KB)

2008 Primary Election Results(PDF, 75KB)

2007 RE-1 Recall Election Results(PDF, 31KB)

2007 Coordinated Election Results(PDF, 203KB)

2006 General Election Results(PDF, 161KB)

2006 Primary Election Results(PDF, 90KB)

2005 Coordinated Election Results(PDF, 248KB)

2004 General Election Results(PDF, 165KB)

2004 Primary Election Results(PDF, 78KB)

2003 Coordinated Election Results(PDF, 201KB)

2002 General Election Results(PDF, 157KB)

2002 Primary Election Results(PDF, 95KB)

2001 Coordinated Election Results(PDF, 231KB)

2000 General Election Results(PDF, 178KB)

2000 Primary Election Results(PDF, 21KB)

2000 Presidential Primary Election Results(PDF, 21KB)