Planning Commission

Plans The Planning Commission board consists of nine members. The Board of County Commissioners determine six (6) geographic areas and appoint one (1) member from each of the geographic areas. Three of the Planning Commission members are appointed at-large by the Board of County Commissioners. The term of office is for three (3) years.

The Planning Commission members are primarily concerned with land use planning.  They must consider not only those factors related to an individual parcel of land, but also how the use of the land affects the surrounding area and the community as a whole.

Land Use Hearings

The Weld County Planning Commission hearings will be Live-Streamed.  All cases scheduled before the Planning Commission are subject to continuance, due to lack of quorum or otherwise.  Contact the Department of Planning Services at (970) 400-6100 or email for hearing continuance information.  The application may be updated at any time at the request of the applicant, or in response to public input, referral responses, or staff recommendations.  During the public hearing process the Planning Commissioners reserve the right to amend the findings, conditions of approval, and/or development standards in the proposed resolution.

Interested in serving? Please visit the Board and Commissions page for more information.

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