Floodplain Management

Flood Floodplain management involves use of policies and floodplain regulations to protect the health and safety of citizens and reduce the risk of property damage in flood-prone areas. The effort also includes providing the public with information and promoting awareness of flooding hazards and ensuring compliance with Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) requirements.

Effective flood hazard mapping (January 20, 2016 FIRM data) can be viewed on the Weld County Property Portal under the Land Use Layers or on the FEMA National Flood Hazard Layer website.

FEMA is in the process of updating the maps for several floodplains in the County, but not all.  Updated mapping is limited to floodplains directly around the Cache la Poudre River, the Big and Little Thompson Rivers, the South Platte River, Saint Vrain Creek, and Boulder Creek.  Preliminary FIRM maps, considered best available data in these areas, have an issue date of September 17, 2020 and others on March 23, 2022.  The preliminary mapping can be viewed on the Weld County Property Portal under the Planning Layers or on the Colorado Water Conservation Board Hazard Mapping website or on the FEMA Map Service Center.

Please contact Diana Aungst at (970)-400-3524 or daungst@weldgov.com for information about the floodplain.

Guide to Owning Property in the Floodplain(PDF, 470KB)

Other Resources

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Urban Drainage and Flood control District